Trib: “In the Senate, the Democrats now are pushing the idea of simply changing the law to skip next year’s $4 billion pension payment.”

Sun-Times “By essentially punting on the pension question, the Democrats set up a scenario where either Quinn or Brady will face a budgetary time bomb set to explode within days of taking office next January.”

Rich Miller: Worst. Budget. Ever. But nobody has another plan.

Illinois Statehouse News: “The Illinois Senate and House both approved a plan to allow state universities borrow against their anticipated tuition payments and the total of what they’re owed in state funding.”

Wall Street Journal “The legislature may push the problem to the governor’s office by granting Mr. Quinn emergency budget powers and adjourning Friday, about three weeks earlier than usual.”

Live tweeting: Melissa Hahn of the Illinois Radio Network; Illinois Education Association; Kristina Rasmussen of the Illinois Policy Institute; John Fritchey (D-11th); Bill Brady.