• Al Podgorski/Sun-Times Media
  • Rauner opened up about his business strategy back in ’04.

Bruce Rauner on what’s wrong with the Illinois Department of Agriculture: It’s “full of cronyism.”

Bruce Rauner on the difference between the Blagojevich and Quinn administrations (from the Trib): “‘The only difference between Pat and Rod is the hair,’ Rauner declared, saying both administrations contained ‘corruption’ and ‘cronyism.'”

Bruce Rauner on favoritism at the Illinois Department of Transportation: “You can be fairly certain that there would have been many veterans that could have taken those jobs instead of the cronies who were hired.”

Bruce Rauner on the secret of his success in the business world (as revealed in a 2004 interview with a private-equity trade magazine that was dug up by Carol Felsenthal for her profile of Rauner in the October Chicago magazine):

“There’s no distinction in my day between my work and my play. I’ll get to know a CEO on a very personal level. We’ll play golf, go out to dinner, have a cigar, go hunting, fishing. . . . We become friends, which is part of the fun of the business. . . . I find that the personal bonding that comes from fun leads to proprietary deal flow . . . “

Rarely is a multimillionaire so open about how he does it. Rauner’s motto, The personal bonding that comes from fun leads to proprietary deal flow, could put his gubernatorial campaign over the top. Or possibly Quinn’s.