Congressional representatives Ray LaHood, from Downstate, and Mark Kirk, from the northern suburbs, allegedly told tales out of school about a meeting with the president on the war, and the White House is pissed:

“Sources said that Dan Meyer, Bush’s liaison to the House, confronted LaHood while White House political strategist Karl Rove rebuked Kirk. It is unclear if LaHood or Kirk were the originial sources for the stories, but LaHood was quoted in one of the articles.

“Regardless, LaHood and Meyer got into a shouting match as emotions ran high and voices were raised yesterday morning in the White House while lawmakers were waiting to meet with first lady Laura Bush, according to two legislators who witnessed the exchange.“

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising — Kirk, at least, is pretty moderate — but credit where credit is due for showing some spine and providing a glimpse into the White House’s obsession with circling the wagons.

(h/t Hullabaloo