The most recent numbers from Public Policy Polling:

* Brady/Quinn/Whitney: 39/30/11, with Quinn finishing last among independents. This is probably significant:

“Brady isn’t exactly setting the world on fire either. The largest group of voters, at 45%, have no opinion about him.”

Quinn gets way more press than any other Illinois candidate, but it tends to be negative, in part because the state’s so screwed up. This, I think, greatly overshadows Brady’s candidacy, which combined with being from downstate means he’s still a relative unknown, despite (because of?) being the least worst campaigner. It’ll be fascinating to watch those numbers break as Brady inevitably gets more coverage.

Update: Rich Miller suggests that Scott Lee Cohen, who remains completely under the radar, could pull even more votes from Quinn. It’s also possible that the continuing Blago fiasco could continue to pull coverage away from the elections—which might actually benefit Brady in a no-news-is-good-news election season, which this one has definitely been.

* Giannoulias/Kirk/Jones: 37/35/9, “in a race pitting two of the weakest Senate candidates in the country.” That’s without Libertarian Mike Labno, who recently made the ballot.

It could be a good year for the state Green Party. It’s still an insurmountable hill for third parties, but Democrats seem ambivalent in general, with extra bonus ambivalence about Quinn and Giannoulias specifically, and the Greens could make more uphill progress than usual.