• thebittenword

Contributors to the website Tasting Table claim to have imbibed their way through the drinking halls of Chicago, and they’ve come back with a nice list, with recipes, of ten of its finest cocktails. Should you or I or somebody we know happen across some money, stocking a bar with some of the ingredients it comprises would be—well—one thing to do with it; you can drink like the 1 percent, or you can break the bank trying. On this list there’s, for instance, the Old Money, which mixes rye whiskey or bourbon with Aperol, walnut liqueur, Angostura bitters, and Allspice Dram; a negroni made with thyme, and topped with a scoop of orange sorbet; and the No Contest, Paul McGee’s “thinking drinker’s tiki drink,” which combines rum, port, and dramatic proportions of bitters. They all sound fantastic—even the milk punch, Toby Maloney’s takeoff on a colonial-era recipe. That one yields five gallons.