Interesting development in the coverage of Chicago’s Olympics campaign in today’s Tribune: the no-games crowd got about as much space as the pro-games crowd.

The Trib‘s account of last night’s Olympics forum in Lakeview quoted Tom Tresser, one of the founders of No Games Chicago, on an equal footing with officials from the 2016 bid committee. The Trib even ran a picture of Tresser.

Over the last few months the No Games folks have had a hard time getting coverage in the mainstream press even though they’ve held rallies and flew Tresser and others to Switzerland in June to press their case to the International Olympic Committee.

In defense of the press, reporters have always had a hard time writing two-sided stories about Mayor Daley’s Chicago—there’s just not a whole lot of knowledgeable people willing to say anything critical on the record. A few years back you could count on one or two independent aldermen—maybe Joe Moore or Toni Preckwinkle—or a civic leader like Jacqueline Leavy of the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group.

But no aldermen have sharply questioned the mayor’s Olympics plans, much less opposed them. And alas, in 2007 NCBG went out of business for lack of funding.

Maybe, just maybe, No Games Chicago can still fill the void.