• Courtesy the artist
  • Implodes: Justin Rathell, Emily Elhaj, Matt Jencik, Ken Camden

Chicago hasn’t heard much from borderline gothic post-shoegaze band Implodes since the release of the album Recurring Dream in 2013. But this week, excellent Oshkosh label Gilead Media put out the EP Reverser, which consists of two unreleased tracks from the Recurring Dream sessions and two freshly cut songs. Local filmmaker Lori Felker has made a shadowy, almost surreal video for “Out of Reach,” shooting at the Music Box on expired stock whose grainy, murky, saturated look complements Implodes’ sound.

The lovely “Out of Reach” is an austere meditation with no drums and plush, gauzy tenor vocals that might as well be wordless. It sounds like a melancholy old British folk song played at a syrupy speed and refracted through several cold, cloudy prisms of gonzo electric-guitar effects.

Felker’s shots of the darkened theater often look like the scenes in indie horror films that attempt to telegraph when a ghost is about to flicker into the edge of the frame or coalesce barely visibly in the darkness. Nothing ever appears, though—the ghost in this video is the song.