Last night I was in a trance state when I watched my right hand reach into a tin of Garrett cheese popcorn and throw a handful on a salad of mixed greens. I don’t believe you have to be a talented home cook to have those moments of kitchen inspiration involving the combination of wildly improbable ingredients that lead to something really good. Any number of conditions–desperation, drunkenness, haste, incompetence–can produce those eureka moments. Pray to the gods–WWHD?–and it can happen to you.

That’s not to say you won’t have a much greater share of complete disasters–don’t ask me about the Fistfuck (chocolate syrup, Jagermeister, and a grape tomato). And don’t expect others to understand. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t snirched when I offered a Bloody Michael–tomato juice and bottom-shelf bourbon. I can accept that the world isn’t ready for my PB&J–peanut butter and Jufran banana ketchup on a sesame seed bagel. It’s even possible that these creations are not our own, but are bestowed upon select individuals for unknowable reasons by an unfathomable universe. (I thought I invented the kimchi reuben, but maybe not.)

In the spirit of unconditional acceptance, this post is a safe place to share your improbable kitchen combinations.