I’d rate Wilco as one of my favorite rock bands, and I certainly think guitarist Nels Cline and drummer Glenn Kotche are two of the most distinctive and rewarding players in any genre these days. I just wish more of the Wilco fanboys who come out to see Cline or Kotche play side gigs would take an interest in the stuff that interests their heroes–free improvisation, jazz, contemporary classical. Yeah, I know you can lead a horse to water et cetera, but I still hope that some of the Wilco crowd that’s bound to turn up at the Hungry Brain on Sunday night, where Cline and Kotche will improvise in various combos with cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and keyboardist Jim Baker, will eventually go to an improv show that doesn’t involve anybody from Wilco. But I’m not putting any money on it.

Today’s playlist:

Maurice Horsthuis, Elastic Jargon (Data)
Astor Piazzolla, Piazzola Interpreta a Piazzolla (Sony/BMG, Argentina)
Silver Jews, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (Drag City)
Mauricio Kagel, Transición II/Phonophnie (Mode)
Trio Sowari, Three Dances (Potlatch)