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In Kitchen Confidential (the book people who don’t really know that much about food refer to when they try to act like they know a lot about food, like myself), Anthony Bourdain writes about butter:

“In a professional kitchen, we sauté in a mixture of butter and oil for that nice brown, caramelised colour, and we finish nearly every sauce with it (we call this monter au beurre); that’s why my sauce tastes creamier and mellower than yours. Margarine? That’s not food. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter? I can.”

Speak for yourself, Tony! Growing up in my house, our go-to spread was margarine. Like many of the “rules” my parents implemented, being kosher was a half-assed endeavor. No shellfish in the house, unless it’s shrimp. All meat in the house had to be blessed by a rabbi; but once we left, my family consumed the most blasphemous chickens. And we couldn’t butter our bread, because we frequently ate bread with meat, and mixing meat and milk was not kosher. Therefore, we relied on margarine. At first, we went with Country Crock, and that’s what I used for the first 15 years of my life. But when it took my mom that long to discover that Country Crock actually also contains some butter, it was out with the crock and in with strictly kosher margarine. At my parents’ house, it’s still there.