Has anyone summarized the Christianists’ fear of gayness better than Jack Balkin at Balkinization, following last week’s proclamation that Ted Haggard has been “cured”?

“It is clearly very important to the ministers — and to Haggard himself — that he not have any speck of homosexual desire, for to have any such desire, no matter how small, would be polluting. It is, sad to say, all too similar to the Jim Crow theory that one drop of black blood made you black and therefore socially inferior to ‘pure’ whites….”

Sexual orientation in human populations is not a matter of either opposite-sex or same-sex, or of healthy desires and polluted ones; rather it involves a continuum of possible orientations that are spread across a population distribution– as are so many other human traits. What Haggard and his friends particularly want to deny is this fact, because it changes the meaning of normalcy and undermines their way of seeing the world.” Their horror is the gayness inside.

(Hat tip to Chicago blogger Hunter at Random.)