News updates from our awesome neighbors to the north:

* Milwaukee is planning on building a statue of the Fonz, which has local artists in a fuss. Dave Steele at Next American City has a pointed critique, but it’s flawed. He says that it would honor “the Coolest Person Ever, far cooler than the Bob Newhart statue in Chicago or the Mary Tyler Moore statue in Minneapolis.” This is clearly not true, Bob Newhart is cooler than the Fonz and history will judge me correct on this. Second, and maybe I’m too young to understand the coolness of the Fonz, but: “It will be simply a whimsical tourist attraction that will introduce future generations to the Greatness and Coolness of the Fonz, and might bring a few more visitors Downtown.” No. Future generations will be mystified that people thought the Fonz was cool. The Fonz just isn’t timeless, unlike thugged-out Goethe.

* A bunch of Milwaukee high schoolers pranked the local cops by hosting a root beer kegger; the fuzz went 0-for-everyone on breathalyzers. Well played. (via the Agitator)