• Cthulhu rises from the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh.

Maybe you missed both of Goose Island’s 25th-anniversary parties in May. Maybe you haven’t seen their excellent 25th-anniversary ESB, which was distributed so thoroughly that I was able to pick up a six-pack at the Dominick’s two blocks from my apartment. But anyway, yes, Goose Island turns 25 this year. And the Clybourn brewpub (which operates independently of AB-InBev) is getting in on the action by hand bottling a series of small-batch beers. Two months ago it released the first, a fine double APA called Silver Jubilee, and on Friday it bottled Cthulhu—an imperial oatmeal stout aged in an 18-year Elijah Craig bourbon barrel. Both beers use the same generic 25th-anniversary 750-milliliter bottles, but Silver Jubilee is capped with dark green wax, Cthulhu with copper.

Cthulhu goes on sale when the brewpub opens today at 11 AM; bottles are $20 each, with a limit of one per person. (Silver Jubilee is still available for $10.) Many thanks to manager Lisa Carlson and brewmaster Nick Barron for hooking me up with a complimentary bottle of Cthulhu on Saturday so I could review it in advance.