In his first speech as mayor, Rahm Emanuel made it clear that the one thing that isn’t going to change in the next four years is his commitment to change.

“The city of Chicago is ready for change…. It is an honor to fight for the change we need…. I am proud to lead a city united in common purpose and driven by a common thirst for change…. ”

This came before and after he praised the changes—the “transformation” of a “reborn” Chicago—brought by his retiring predecessor, Richard M. Daley.

But Emanuel said he has a mandate for a new transformation. Last week he laid out an ambitious if often amorphous list of goals for fixing, reforming, moving, and especially changing Chicago. Now, of course, the new mayor has to segue from promising to delivering these changes, and in his inaugural address he repeated his resolve to work together with everyone who doesn’t get in his way.