Mike Sula reviews Yusho, where Matthias Merges and a standout backup team of fellow Trotter’s vets get our reviewer over his recent bout of peevish anti-yakitori-ism. Merges, for 14 years Trotter’s right-hand man, oversees the grilled offerings at this Avondale spot with a Trotter-worthy palette of artful condiments: charred kombu, bonito salt, takoyaki, pickled garlic, gobo, black sesame . . . But Sula, setting aside the adroit plating of Jennifer Petrosky, seems most thrilled by Alex Bachman’s heady cocktail list—and no wonder: it’s a veritable Murakami pleasure land/fun house featuring ingredients such as myrhh bitters and frankincense tincture (’tis still the season, evidently).