In this week’s issue of the Reader, Miles Raymer takes us on a tour of the Stern pinball factory, with a look at the company’s new AC/DC pinball machine. Check out the bonus video posted at the bottom of the article, along with more supplementary features, which will appear in the near future.

Michael Miner thinks long and hard about the role journalists play when they write about sports.

Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky recall their visit to a charter school and a chat with Juan Rangel, the United Neighborhood Organization’s executive director.

In You Are Here, this week’s Chicagoan is Melineh Kano, a refugee who runs Refugee One; Josh Garrett shows us his home brewery; and we zoom in on Avondale, specifically the strange, captivating sign above the storefront of Big Smile Dental.

And in Savage Love there’s a bathroom-loving boyfriend, a user ex, a woman who might have conned her way into marriage, and a way to make dead Mormons gay.