This week’s issue of the Reader features Mick Dumke’s profile of 27th ward alderman Walter Burnett Jr. As Mick writes, “anyone who really wants to understand how Chicago works should take a close look at Walter Burnett.” A nuanced profile, I advise everyone to take that look.

Ben Joravsky digs into the tax break bestowed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Deanna Isaacs raises an eyebrow at the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau’s new, “bold” ad campaign.

In You Are Here, this week’s Chicagoan is Loretta Bartolini, a mathematician and Malort enthusiast; Eric Leonardson shows us his springboard, a self-made, sound-amplification instrument; and we zoom in on River West, specifically 85-year-old Richard’s Bar, which still serves hard-boiled eggs in shot glasses.

Oh, did you say “Savage Love?” Well, this week it’s 13-year-olds coming out of the closet, people who suffer from You Did It Wrong coming to their senses, and Dan Savage wanting successful monogamous couple to come to him with their stories.