• Lilli Carre

Kevin Warwick has put together a guide to vegetarian and vegan Chicago, drawing on the expertise of dieticians, chefs, vegetarians and vegans, farmers, and entepreneurs in Q & A’s on health, restaurants and cooking, and local resources for vegetarian living. We take peeks into the refrigerators of locals including Dan Staackmann, founder of the seitan company Upton’s Naturals—the subject of a brief profile—and Hugh Amano, chef and founder of the blog Food on the Dole, who’ll serve as host of a vegetarian salon coming up on December 1. There’s also a profile of Mickey Hornick, founder of the Chicago Diner (“Meat free since ’83”), which is offering its 29th vegan Thanksgiving this year. As an added bonus, vegan Paul McGee, head bartender at the Whistler, contributes an anti-Turkey Day recipe for a booze-heavy Cardinal Punch.

We’ve got you covered on vegetarian dining, including locals’ five favorite vegetarian dishes at nonvegetarian restaurants. In the restaurant listings are spots for deprivation-free vegetarian meals; links are after the jump.