I’m a second-wave technology adopter. I geek out over gadgets, but it’s rare that my eagerness to own one wins out over the almost certain knowledge that an improved and most likely discounted second version will be out in a year. This is especially true of Apple, who aren’t afraid of fucking over the fanboys who line up to pay out the ass for what in retrospect will seem like a partly finished product. (They’re also fine with fucking them later on down the line, as first-generation iPod owners found out when Apple discontinued iTunes support for their players.) So my first reaction to seeing the iPad was that it looked neat, and that I’d probably really enjoy messing around with it in a year or so, when I buy the second-gen model with the camera and the built-in USB ports and whatever else Apple’s engineers decide to improve it with.

That plan lasted about as long as it took me to start fantasizing about the music apps that are going to be developed for the iPad.