“Our collective failure”: damn. “Sapping of confidence across our land.” Unity in crisis is the theme.

“Men and women obscure in their labor”–those exploited and labor and lost in war are part of the tragic ascendancy of America. A dissonant, poignant passage.

A strong and responsible market is the “surest route to our common good”: Ah, er… I’ll have to dwell on that.

Thank you for using the word “dignity” in the context of foreign policy.

Atheist shout-out! Subtly gutsy, although “non-believers” is a bit of a dig.

“Those who come to power through corruption”: Sigh. (SORRY: I LIVE IN AMERICA, BUT I LIVE IN CHICAGO TOO. LEST WE NOT FORGET ETC.)

Fate is decided by everyday decisions: I do appreciate that. Seizing responsibility glady–my favorite line.

“We did not let this journey end”: remarkably tense and compelling ending. The fearlessness and seriousness of the speech were, indeed, moving.