Nothing’s juicier than hearing partisans tell the unwelcome truth, whether they mean to or not: 

(1) Liberal, on purpose. Political scientist Alan Wolfe, reviewing Michael Bérubé’s book What’s Liberal about the Liberal Arts? in the New York Times:

“He convinces me that [right-wing agitator David] Horowitz is as unpleasant as he is ungracious. But he does not persuade me that Horowitz is wrong. I’ve taught in at least two universities known for their leftism, and I know full well that those who teach at them strenuously opppose hiring conservatives and treat students who venerate the military, for example, as misguided. Were Horowitz not in fact intent on replacing left-wing thought police with their right-wing equivalent, I would applaud his efforts.

There. He said it. And he didn’t even have to mention how Harvard purged Larry Summers, in part, for daring to mention a certain forbidden hypothesis in public. 

(Hat tip to Butterflies and Wheels.)

(2) Conservative, by leakage. Kansas’s Republican attorney general in a memo to his campaign staff, as told by Scott Rothschild in the Lawrence Journal-World:

—Atty. Gen. Phill Kline often talks about his Christian faith. But a leaked memo shows how Kline has mixed religion and money as part of an aggressive strategy to raise campaign funds and win re-election. ‘Get the pastor to invite 5 ‘money people,’ whom he knows can help,’ Kline told his campaign staff in a detailed, four-page memo titled ‘church efforts.’”

Who says you can’t serve both God and Mammon? And with tax exemptions too!

(Hat tip to Daily Kos.)