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  • Me Moi cashmere tights from Lori’s, $35

It’s time to start rummaging around in the sock drawer for warm tights. This year I like the idea of shimmying into some luxurious cashmere specimens. Besides being warmer, they add a little bit of texture to an outfit—so much more interesting than plain black cotton-blend tights. Lori’s Shoes has a sweater-like cashmere-blend version for just $35, while at Nordstrom they’re just $28 and come in a variety of colors, including rich burgundy (though cashmere makes up a fairly small percentage of both these blends). At $285, beige tights from Maria de la Rosa are a serious indulgence, but they’re just the thing for this season’s camel shades and all-over vibe of understated wealth. Rick Owens’ 100 percent cashmere tights are appealingly slouchy—kind of like a hybrid of tights and leg warmers—but at $515 and dry-clean-only to boot, a little above my pay grade.