The backs of ID badges (left) at the Tribune used to reinforce the seven traditional “Tribune values.”


But there’s a new sheriff in town with a new message. The image on the right is the back of the badges being issued as of this week.

That A.F.D.I. was a Sam Zellish touch. But innovation czar Lee Abrams has put out the word that around the Tribune it will stand for “Actually Already Always Friggin’ Do It,” in deference to sensibilities struggling to get with the times.

UPDATE:  For a nifty comment on these badges, see Whet Moser’s blog on this site. “Sam Zell Jr.” is of course correct [see argument below] isn’t right either. It’s “actually,” as I knew in the first place although you wouldn’t think so. As for the seven values, hmm, well, has anyone counted the Big 10 lately? Funny, but in its extemis, the Tribune is preoccupied with those values no longer worn over the heart — at least some of them, such as Customer Satisfaction (or the lack of), Employee Involvement, Financial Strength (or the loss of), Innovation, and Teamwork. Go team.