Inside Out screens at Northwestern University Norris University Center’s East Lawn on Wed 7/6.

This week ushers in a new spate of entertainment, from 80s classics like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to cartoon comedies like The Peanuts Movie. For the third year, Comfort Station also brings a twist to the outdoor movie standard, mixing silent film with live music each Wednesday evening throughout July. To help you keep track of it all, here’s a roundup of 18 free alfresco film screenings:

A League of Their Own Tue 7/6, 6:30 PM, Millennium Park, 201 E. Randolph, 312-742-1168,

Jurassic World Wed 7/6, 8:15 PM, Brainerd Park, 1246 W. 92nd, 312-747-6027,

Club Frontera Documentary film about Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles, a professional soccer team in Mexico. Wed 7/6, 8:30 PM, Calumet Park, 9801 S. Avenue G, 312-747-6039,

Inside Out Wed 7/6, 8:45 PM, Northwestern University Norris University Center’s East Lawn, 1999 Campus, Evanston, 847-491-2300,

The Martian Wed 7/6, 8:30 PM, Shabbona Park, 6935 W. Addison, 773-685-6205,

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse In this installment of Comfort Station’s “Silent Films and Loud Music” series, Sara Goodman and Reid Karris play a live score alongside the 1921 war drama. Wed 7/6, 8:30 PM, Comfort Station, 2579 N. Milwaukee,

The Peanuts Movie Thu 7/7, 8 PM, Normandy Playground Park, 6660 W. 52nd, 773-229-1421,

Hotel Transylvania 2 Thu 7/7, 8:30 PM, Dunbar Park, 300 E. 31st, 312-590-5993,

Hotel Transylvania 2 Thu 7/7, 8:30 PM, Riis Park, 6100 W. Fullerton, 312-746-5363,

Jailhouse Rock Thu 7/7, 8:30 PM, Wilson Park, 1122 W. 34th, 312-747-7002,

The Sandlot Fri 7/8, 8:30 PM, Eugene Field Park, 5100 N. Ridgeway, 773-478-9744,

Jurassic World Fri 7/8, 8:30 PM, Lake Shore Park, 808 N. Lake Shore, 312-742-7891,

Spectre Fri 7/8, 8:30 PM, Meyering Playground Park, 7140 S. Martin Luther King, 312-747-6545,

Raiders of the Lost Ark Fri 7/8, 8:30 PM, Oz Park, 2021 N. Burling, 312-742-7898,

Daddy Day Care Sat 7/9, 8:15 PM, Avondale Park, 3516 W. School, 773-478-1410,

Spaceballs Sat 7/9, 8:30 PM, Eckhart Park, 1330 W. Chicago, 312-746-5490,

The Color Purple Sat 7/9, 8:30 PM, Rosenblum Park, 7547 S. Euclid, 312-747-7661,

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Sun 7/10, 8:30 PM, Midway Plaisance Park, 1130 Midway Plaisance North, 312-745-2470,

Check back every Monday for a schedule of the week’s outdoor screenings and here for indoor movie times every day.