• Dan Osborn
  • Cave on a flatbed truck in 2011

A few days before the fantastic Chicago instrumental rock band Cave released its album Neverendless in September of 2011, it borrowed an old promotional stunt from the Rolling Stones, playing music from the new record on the back of a flatbed truck driving down Milwaukee Avenue. As I definitively realized earlier this summer on a long drive through Michigan, Cave’s music is the perfect soundtrack for travel, its deep grooves churning away as the miles pile up. The band will be on tour when its next album, Threace (Drag City), gets released on October 15, so they’ve cooked up another exploit before they leave town. Tomorrow the band will check out a new mode of transportation, playing music from the new record on a boat sailing down the Chicago River.

Starting at 5 PM the group will set sail from the mouth of the river, heading west through downtown and following the north branch for a two-hour excursion and mobile concert, barring any intervention from municipal authorities. Threace is a knockout record that finds the combo—drummer Rex McMurry, guitarist and organist Cooper Crain, bassist Dan Browning, and new guitarist Jeremy Freeze (Jerusalem & the Starbaskets), who replaces synthesizer player Dave “Rotten Milk” Pecoraro—maintaining its investment in extended, mind-melting grooves, but releasing its infatuation with Krautrock rigidity for something looser and dare I say funkier, as if the 70s output of Miles Davis had been radically distilled, with nearly every bit of meat plucked from its rhythmic bones. Below you can check out the cool video for the song “Skikaakwa,” directed by Nick Ciontea. Cave will play at the Empty Bottle on November 8 with Wooden Shjips.

Today’s playlist:

Joe Hertenstein Trio, Future Drone (Jazzwerkstatt)
Erdem Helvacioglu, Eleven Short Stories (Innova)
Sory Kandia Kouyaté, La Voix de la Révolution (Sterns)
Zeynep Gedizlioglu, Kesik (Col Legno)
Steve Kuhn Trio, Life’s Magic (Sunnyside)