Last night I went to Reggie’s Rock Club to catch the Stand4rd, the experimental hip-hop “supergroup” comprised of four Internet-famous artists, and it was great—even more impressive when you factor in that it was only their sixth show together ever. While each member of the group possesses a magnetic personality, the best moments of the set all fell onto singer Spooky Black, a mysterious, allegedly 16-year-old white kid who rose to popularity with his viral music videos and massive, velvety voice. The absolute highlight of the show was Spooky’s moment in the spotlight, when he soulfully and passionately crooned “Without You”—the song that went viral and originally put him in the public eye eariler this year—in front of the adoring, sold-out crowd. While the group’s other two vocalists, Bobby Raps and Allan Kingdom, killed it with their sharp and high-energy verses, it was Spooky that really got the crowd to lose their minds. “Without You” is today’s 12 O’Clock Track, and you can check it out along with its bizarre video, which could almost pass for something from a Tim and Eric episode, below. But this is no joke—this do-rag-wearing teen has massive talent, and if his performance last night was any indication of what’s to come, he’s only going to grow more talented and famous.