YouTube isn’t just a seething hotbed of bigotry and a collection of the staggering variety of exhibitionist displays humans have devised—it’s also a vast repository of cultural ephemera. Do you want to revisit a soda commercial that you vaguely remember from the Saturday-morning cartoon binges of your childhood? Odds are that someone, for some reason, has done the work of digitizing it and putting it on YouTube.

Of course even Saturday-morning soda commercials can be more than they seem. The blog Slicing Up Eyeballs points out a 1983 Shasta commercial with an electro-pop jingle that a couple of people in the comments section think was recorded by Al Jourgensen during Ministry’s early Euro-trashy phase, before they made the inspired decision to rip off Big Black.

Compare the Shasta jingle and a 1983 Ministry video after the jump: