• Peter Holderness/Sun-Times
  • Chief Keef

Earlier today AllHipHop broke the news that Interscope dropped lightning rod drill rapper Chief Keef a couple weeks ago; Keef confirmed the news on Twitter by posting a screencap of a text conversation with local MC Lucki Ecks saying Interscope dropped him a week ago (hat tip to Fake Shore Drive). According to AllHipHop the label began distancing itself from Keef following a series of high-profile court cases dating back to 2013. I imagine the list includes the case in which Keef got 60 days in juvenile detention for violating his parole by handling a firearm in a 2012 Pitchfork TV interview. Keef moved to LA over the summer, putting him closer to the label, but as AllHipHop says, that didn’t improve matters any.

This news follows a recent flurry of activity from Keef, who’s been dropping enough tracks to fill up a mixtape—he’s actually aiming to drop three mixtapes by the end of the year and four by Valentine’s Day. Throughout the year Keef had been teasing out the follow-up to his Interscope debut, 2012’s Finally Rich, and perhaps the songs meant for that record will see the light of day sooner now that he’s been dropped. No matter what the case is, expect to see a lot more music from Keef flooding your Twitter timeline. Until then, listen to his latest song, the Tyga-assisted “Now & Later.”