• 2011 Sausage King Nick Pobutsky

At SausageFest 2012, which happens this weekend, June 2 and 3, a new Sausage King will be crowned. I had some questions for the reigning Sausage King, Nick Pobutsky.

How does one become the Sausage King?

The concept of Sausage King of Chicago was derived from past hit movies (we all know the one!) and just seems to be a humorous play on words. I’m not entirely sure if there ever really was a real Sausage King for Chi-Town . . . but there sure is now! The creators of SausageFest (greencurtainevents.com) thought of an ideal gimmick to promote the event while reminding the public that charity for the Prostate Cancer Foundation is involved. The Sausage King seems to serve as a mascot or Mickey Mouse-type icon (which is great for photo opps). And throughout the year the Sausage King (in my eyes) serves as an ambassador for men’s overall wellness and prostate cancer awareness.

To take the “title,” deserving candidates register online at sausagekingchicago.com and create a profile. Then the campaigning begins for donations and public support. And it really does become a fun competition. I was lucky enough to win by only $86 in 2011 . . . so every dollar from my friends and family really did count.