Tomorrow the Runaways movie opens, and in it the part of the villain will be played by Kim Fowley, the group’s manager, producer, and Svengali. This is unsurprising, as pretty much every telling of the Runaways tale—including some of Fowley’s own—makes him out to be something of a controlling monster, sometimes abusive and always sex-obsessed.

Usually people don’t like being portrayed as bad, even if they do all sorts of bad stuff, but in a new and completely insane interview with the L.A. Record Fowley doesn’t even seem close to giving a shit. Interviewer Chris Ziegler stays mostly out of the way, and as a result the piece reads less like an interview and more like an extended rant by Fowley on the music business, celebrities he’s known (and/or fucked), and his life philosophy, which seems located just south of Anton LaVey-style satanism in terms of the importance it places on decadence, disregard for conventional morality, and self-worship. Sure, Fowley is self-obsessed and greedy, but interviews with nice people are rarely this much fun.