• Kagemusha

Each Friday, we recommend seven Old Movies to Watch Now, all of which come recommended by one of our critics and can currently be screened online. Read the review, watch the movie, feel accomplished.

Absolute Wilson, Katharina Otto-Bernstein’s documentary about Robert Wilson.

The Awful Truth, Leo McCarey’s 1937 comedy.

Kagemusha, Akira Kurosawa’s painterly samurai drama.

Intolerance, D.W. Griffith’s silent epic.

Winnebago Man, a documentary about infamous RV pitchman Jack Rebney.

The Wrong Man, “the closest Alfred Hitchcock ever came to making an art film,” says Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, the Hong Sang-Soo drama.

For even more selections, check out OMTWN, your go-to spot for streaming recommendations. Happy watching!