• Sebastian Lund
  • It digests feminist dogma and excretes pure gold

If I could expurgate a single trendy cliché from common usage it would be the tired . . . trope of throwing around the words [Katie Roiphe]. . . . The main problem with the in-your-face [Katie Roiphe] talk is the showy, childish hint of self-congratulation at one’s own utter lack of puritanism. [Katie Roiphe] revels in [Katie Roiphe’s] plain-talking refusal of . . . delicacy, but [Katie Roiphe] revels so much and so flamboyantly in that refusal that [Katie Roiphe] becomes part of the same puritanical obsession . . . Why not rise above the silliness? Why play into the puritanical obsession? Those shouting . . . from the roof tops in that particular, self-conscious way . . . are proving themselves equally transfixed by what should be a banal biological descriptor. . . . But as [Katie Roiphe] has entered into that phase of [Katie Roiphe’s] life cycle that is shopworn cliché, [Katie Roiphe] is no longer fresh or startling. [Katie Roiphe is] simply irritating, predictable, boring. And it is detracting attention from the real issue which is not [Katie Roiphe] but larger things like health care and Roe v. Wade.