When proto Chicago food blogger Michael Morowitz retired eatchicago.net a little over a year ago he said the site no longer had anything to contribute to the increasingly cacophonous chorus of online food writing in Chicago. But Morowitz hardly stayed mum, continuing to moderate, administrate, and actively post trenchant dispatches and useful intel over on LTHforum. And now, even after a major career change and the happy arrival of twins, he’s launched The Local Beet, a loca-sustainable eating site that promises to tackle the scene “with a depth and insight not currently seen in the mainstream media,” with feature articles, blogs, discussion groups and other resources dedicated to advancing a practical approach to local and sustainable eating in these parts. The site is currently in its soft launch–with a piece on the Marion Street Cheese Market by David Hammond, and a handful of posts by Morowitz and Rob “Vital Information” Gardner, but expect it to ramp up production forthwith.