No stranger to interesting merchandising, local indie-rocker-slash-art-guy Archer Prewitt is about to unleash an army of giant figures depicting his comic creation—and occasional Reader guest—Sof’Boy. And the “giant” part is no joke. The figures will stand two feet tall—as tall as seven packs of Marlboro menthols, according to the slightly strange commercial for the thing or, as BoingBoing points out, close to how tall the little dude is in his comics.

According to the manufacturer, Presspop Gallery, the number of vinyl figures produced will depend on how long the casting mold holds out. The first edition is a run of 70; they’re guessing it’ll be good for 200 or so at the very most. I’d love to buy the entire run and line them up around a room in my apartment, like a cuter version of those Chinese terracotta warriors, but they’re retailing for $250 plus shipping, so that’s not going to happen.