The dreaded Asian carp has invaded yet another location in Illinois: the Taste of Chicago festival. People lined up yesterday for Asian carp sliders with tomato-jalapeno chutney, grilled up for free by Dirk’s Fish and Gourmet Shop. The Reader is, of course, the vanguard of all Asian carp journalism, and it sent this intrepid young reporter out to investigate for herself.

The invasive species’ fast-growing presence puts the ecology of the Great Lakes in peril, and it also has a nasty tendency to jump out of the water and hit people in the face. As a result, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has started to encourage nonsustainability—they want people to eat the fish, in large numbers, preferably to extinction. It’s a delicacy in Asia (no kidding), but it hasn’t caught on in America. For one thing, the creature is so bony that it’s impossible to fillet; even seasoned chefs are often stumped as to how to get around the pernicious bone structure.