Is Fennville, Michigan (pop. 1,500) the new New Buffalo? Maybe, if you’re willing to drive twice as far.

The promotional website Rapid Growth (“a weekly e-newsletter and Web site showcasing the positive and sustained transformation of the Grand Rapids region”) has an article by Brian Bowe on the little town, which now boasts a children’s museum, three galleries, and the Journeyman Cafe, a “locally supplied restaurant featuring chemical free/organic ingredients rendered in a seasonal menu that showcases their quality above all else.” Bowe’s article has the obligatory talk about how these bohemians are revitalizing a “sagging agricultural berg,” but if you jump over to Local Harvest’s Fennville-area listings, the town is also a neighbor to some small CSA farms and orchards.

The place is enough off the tourist track to remain cheap and diverse. Anybody been there?  Done that?