AG Lisa Madigan is getting blowback on the restraining order.

Rich Miller: “My own opinion is that Speaker Madigan probably wants to let his daughter take the lead.”

Digby: “We don’t ask courts to ‘remove’ people from office because they refuse to resign. We just don’t. We impeach them under a proper legal process. I can’t stand this rush to change the rules whenever people don’t do what they’re ‘supposed’ to do.

Archpundit: “In this case, we have evidence of a Governor selling off state resources/benefits. The degree of deliberation is a function of the will of the Chamber. The only reason it would take six weeks is because Speaker Madigan made it take six weeks.”

Seems to me this is why Madigan was so insistent today that the temporary restraining order was a backup plan. The Trib has the filings.