• Ken Ilio/Getty

A post on the Atlantic Cities blog asserts that “segregation is bad for everyone”—even for wealthy white suburbanites.

We know how segregation is bad for minorities, especially for African-Americans. It concentrates their poverty, resulting in dilapidated housing, more fires, lousy schools, more illness, and rampant violence. It leads to emergency rooms, jails, and premature burials.

The way it’s bad for wealthy suburbanites, according to Atlantic Cities, is that it makes it harder for them to get wealthier.

The post, by Emily Badger, is well-meaning. Her contention is that it’s difficult to lobby for eradicating segregation if doing so will benefit only poor minorities. Policies aimed at helping the poor are “no easy sell,” she writes, and that’s certainly true. What we need, she says, is evidence that we’re all harmed by segregation.