The Shark

  • “The Shark”

Joseph “The Shark” Lopez is a lawyer on Drew Peterson’s defense team. Having volunteered for the duty, he’s also blogging about the trial for the Sun-Times, which carries his “Swimming With the Shark” blog posts in its pages.

“He approached us,” Sun-Times editor in chief Jim Kirk tells me. “Don’t know what kind of permission he received from Peterson, but I’m assuming he got it. We debated internally whether there were reasons not to run a blog from him, and at the end of the day we couldn’t come up with one. Obviously we read it carefully and would reconsider if we thought he were about to cross any lines.”

I couldn’t come up with a reason either, although I have a feeling I just wasn’t thinking about it hard enough. The Sun-Times is boasting that Lopez “offers his take on the trial’s daily proceedings and insight into the trial process,” but I haven’t noticed his take and insight amounting yet to a hill of beans.