“How you liking these new lanes?” a pedestrian asked as I sat perched on my bike at Dearborn and Madison patiently waiting for a tiny, glowing-red image of a bicycle to turn green. “I’m thinking you guys will crash into each other.”

Sure, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists are going to need a bit to acclimate to the protected, bidirectional lane that opened this past Friday on Dearborn Avenue. It can be a peculiar, discombobulating thing riding south when all of the auto traffic on the one-way avenue is flowing north—though, let’s be real, most cyclists have undoubtedly saved a few minutes of their lives by cutting the wrong way down a side street. And with the bike-specific traffic lights and left-turn indicators painted on the pavement, urban cyclists are much more visible than previously. Not a bad thing in the least—just a very different thing.