At a hearing this morning, Cook County Circuit Court judge Marsha Hayes dismissed with prejudice Don Gordon’s lawsuit to overturn the 49th Ward aldermanic election. So the case is over and Alderman Joe Moore has finally and officially won–right?

Not according to Gordon, who says he plans to file an amended complaint within a week asking the judge to overrule herself. “This isn’t over,” says Gordon, “this isn’t over at all.”

After a contentious campaign filled with mudslinging by both camps, Moore defeated Gordon by 250 votes in the April 17 runoff. But Gordon sued to overturn the election, arguing that there were multiple cases of voter fraud. “We’re going to continue to gather evidence,” says Gordon. “It would be insanity to throw it all away now and forget about it.”

Moore was out of town and not available for comment. But his lawyer, Jeff Smith, says it’s crazy for Gordon to continue. “What was already a long shot is even a longer long shot after today’s ruling,” says Smith. “If I were in Don Gordon’s camp, I’d be feeling pretty glum.”