Melissa Isaacson is telling, on her own blog in her own words, the story of her little adventure at the Lisagor Awards dinner. I mentioned the episode in a post a couple of days ago, but she’s done it justice in “First the Sack, Then the Plaque.”

“What can we do? We have no skills,” she told me when she talked, speaking for journalism’s multitudes of mid-careerists who find themselves thrown over the side by a sinking industry. Is the ability to listen a skill? Is the ability to ask a question and hear the answer? Is the ability to see what you’re looking at? To put a moment into words? Are these still skills — marketable skills?

Maybe. Should be. You’d think. She wasn’t so sure. At least writers as good as she is can still write books, and she has a new one out, Sweet Lou: Lou Piniella, a Life in Baseball.