• Andrea Tomas Prato
  • Ufomammut

Regular readers of my Beer and Metal column already know how much I love Ufomammut. I’ve been aware for months that this Italian doom trio had a new album on the way—their ninth studio full-length, at least if you count 2012’s Oro: Opus Primum and Oro: Opus Alter as two. And yesterday the Quietus premiered “Temple,” the first track released from Ecate (in English “Hecate,” a Greek protective goddess associated with entranceways, light, ghosts, and necromancy), which comes out March 31 on Neurot Recordings.

Ufomammut (it’s pronounced Italian style: OOF-oh-MAMM-oot) specialize in magma-thick riffs that recirculate hypnotically, so that it can be tough to keep track of where a pattern begins. “Temple” strings together several such tail-swallowing grooves, often in nonstandard meters with five or seven beats per bar—not that you’d necessarily notice, given their irresistible narcotic weight. The song changes tempo a couple times, but aside from that you can nod your head straight through it. I think my favorite bit is when a suspended organ note dive-bombs into a swaggering 7/4 stomp at 5:09.

This year’s Maryland Deathfest lineup includes Ufomammut, so with any luck I’ll finally get a chance to see them in Chicago sometime around the festival dates in late May.