• Scott Stark’s Bloom screens at the Nightingale on Wednesday.

It’s another busy week for the Noble Square microcinema the Nightingale, with four separate events planned between tonight and next Friday. This evening at 8 PM Tim Kinsella will commemorate the release of his new novel by presenting a collage of scenes from the movies that inspired it: Two Lane Blacktop, Cockfighter, Annie Hall, and Bad Timing. Tomorrow at 7 PM the venue will host Persistence of Motion, a multimedia exhibition (co-organized by recent Reader contributor Lori Felker) that combines “moving images and bodies [and] activates audience engagement.” On Wednesday at 7 PM longtime experimental filmmaker Scott Stark will introduce a program of his work. Lastly local illustrator and video artist Michael Paul Lopez will present recent literary and visual work next Friday at 8 PM.

Starting Wednesday more microcinemas will start popping up around town when the monthlong Chicago Home Theater Festival kicks off at the Hyde Park Art Center. Presented in concurrence with home theater festivals around the world, these events “transform homes into sites of radical generosity for performance, cinema, and interdisciplinary art.” About 20 separate events will take place in over a dozen different neighborhoods. Most of the events are based around live performances, though several will feature a new short by local filmmaker Jason Ogawa (whose wacko comedy The Funny Things You Do screened at Chicago Filmmakers last year), and the program on May 17 (also taking place in Hyde Park) will feature a selection of short films by women of color curated by Felicia Mings. Visit the festival website for more information on the venues and contributing artists.

In a related item Chicago Eater reported yesterday that the back room of Humboldt Park bar the California Clipper will be converted into a 40-seat cinema. Apparently this move returns the building to its roots—the Eater post notes that the Clipper was a movie theater between 1912 and 1918.