One of my pet obsessions lately is the flip side of the whole local-seasonal-sustainable food religion: the ever-increasing ease with which crateloads of exotic goodies are flung about the world so that they can be innovatively combined on your plate right here in the midest.  Would Chicago’s current dominance of the avantculinary world be possible if all these young turks weren’t cooking scant miles from the world’s almost-busiest airport?

Of course, as far as I know Atlanta is not overrun with liquid-nitrogen-wielding chefs–yet–so obviously there are multiple factors at play, Chicago’s long and strong history of ethnic diversity prime among them. But it’s a fun project, trying to tease out all the variables that make the current moment in time possible. 

In the meantime, here’s a pretty informative article from yesterday’s Trib on some of the weird-ass fruits you might find in the produce aisle, complete with recipes.