Anyone else get the “Log!” advertising jingle from Ren and Stimpy stuck in your head from time to time?

Cal’s, the best rock’n’roll dive in the Loop (where, admittedly, it has no competition), is holding a “Blogapalooza” on July 6; Songs: Illinois, Can You See the Sunset From the Southside?, and Big Rock Candy Mountain are copresenting. Craig Bonnell of Songs: Illinois says: “We are especially interested having other music bloggers and critics attend so we can share horror stories (no comments, disappearing drafts, tiny Google AdSense checks, annoying PR people, etc, etc). We hope to make this a regular music-blogger meet and greet.”

Now, they might get lucky and assemble the few bloggers in the world who are as witty in person as they are online, or this could have all the excitement of those times when CNN cuts away from a political event to show a room full of wonks typing. Still–if an infinite number of monkeys spill an infinite amount of PBR into an infinite number of laptops, will one of them eventually write The Aesthetics of Rock?