• Mary Pickford (center) as Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Tomorrow night at 7:30 PM, Northwest Chicago Film Society will present Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall, a 1924 period piece starring Mary Pickford, perhaps the most commercially successful of silent-movie actresses. The movie is an extravagant costume drama set in 16th-century England, with Pickford playing a noblewoman who finds herself in the middle of an international plot involving Queen Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scots. As NCFS programmer Kyle Westphal notes, the film is rarely revived, as it was “received indifferently by an American public that pigeonholed Pickford as an eternal juvenile and later dismissed and buried by Pickford herself.” It was only recently, Westphal adds, that Dorothy Vernon was restored by Belgium’s Cinematheque Royale—an unlikely intercessor for an American movie about British history.