Now they know how many holes it takes to fill White Sox Park.

In the end, it wasn’t even close, and don’t even try to blame Sunday’s rain for the ultimate findings.

A weekend-long, head-to-head attendance test has proved it: White Sox fans are stupider than Cubs fans.

The Cubs sold 31,255, 35,296, and 32,346 tickets for their three games this weekend against the Colorado Rockies—and fifth place or not they won two of them, mainly because the Rockies have been almost as bad this season.

The Sox drew 25,058, 27,562, and 23,146 fans to White Sox Park for their three-game set with the Seattle Mariners, and befitting a first-place team they won them all, and in exciting fashion as well, blowing a five-run lead only to rally back in the opener, then winning the next two on a couple late homers by Tyler Flowers.

Some may argue with the methodology. That 98,987 Cubs fans came out to see a fifth-place teams proves they’re way stupider, they might say.

Yet what does it say that only 75,766 Sox fans went out to see a first-place team sweep a weekend series? How many more thousands of Sox fans turned their back on a winner than the, all right, 100,000 die-hard Cubs fans who bought tickets and who can be faulted, at worst, for misplaced loyalty?