It seems Mother Nature is making up for lost time. Chicago will see its hottest weather in five years over the next few days. Says Tom Skilling, “The 95-degree high forecast at O’Hare International Airport today and Wednesday is 18 degrees above the normals for June 7 and 8, and far higher than the 70- and 67-degree highs recorded on the same dates a year ago.”(Tribune)

Acting police chief Garry McCarthy vowed to track down members of the mob of teens that attacked four men in a matter of minutes over the weekend. One of the men attacked said the teens “swarmed” him and wonders what would have happened if they had weapons. Two of the men attacked were visiting for a physicians’ conference. (Sun-Times/Tribune)

Meanwhile, what would a city casino mean for a different type of mob? (AP via Battle Creek Enquirer)