Of all the stuff I’ve downloaded in the past few months–including the 47 most recent Lil Wayne mix tapes and Cloverfield–probably the one thing that has most improved my life is Widget Foundry’s Amazon Album Art Widget for Mac OS X. (If you’re not using OS X you can grab a non-widget version here.)

Ever since Apple introduced album-art support in iTunes, I’ve struggled to balance my OCD-driven desire to acquire art for every single record on my hard drive with the pain-in-the-assness of having to track down everything that’s not on iTunes and the bugginess of manually assigning art. The Amazon Album Art Widget has made it entirely unnecessary for me to restrain my compulsiveness–I just select an album’s tracks in iTunes, enter the album title in the AAAW, and in usually less that three mouse clicks my jams are connected to the proper art and I’m free to go make sure all of the picture frames hanging on my apartment walls are exactly level.